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The Place Which Time Forgot!!! The Longterm Impact of Child Abuse!!!

Trained or Talented!!! Deforestation… Reforestation.

08-In the Quicksands of Time - CHUGO Dragon's Claw (2005)

The road to extinction!!! Take your picture with a Dinosaur!!!

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Where is the hottest spot on earth? Blindness problem in Africa. My Vision of Vision!!! Sinking in the Quicksand!!! Hobbies or Depression…your choice!!! Women and Beauty.

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Challenging Myths. Let There be Light!!! Prehistoric Astronauts. Choosing Sleeping Sickness!!! Please…Have a seat!!! Biotechnology…How dare you!!! Made in Africa. The Cradle of Life. Mind Mapping. Wonders of Numbers. If water can tell time!!! Knowledge Management. Alternative Energy. Conference: East Africa Com Medicine: Dr Christiaan Barnard.

International African Inventors Museum. Conference: World Conference of Science Journalists Global young academy. African Ministerial Council on Science and Technology.

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Two world united educational foundation. Be a good example. What is next!!! Top Universities: University of Cape Town. Africa the continent.

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Egypt 2. Temporary hold on Africa forum posting.

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Welcome to Africa. Genetics Generation. Women in Science. Join this Forum. Aa Aa Aa. First fact Second fact Third fact Another physics law!!! The human body's density is less than that of the quicksand Share Close. Email your Friend. Now is the time to lift our nation from the quicksands of racial injustice to the solid rock of brotherhood. His use of imagery made the audience able to visualize that there can be an end to this troubled time.

He emphasizes how hard African-Americans will work for their freedom and conveys pathos because he feels that the audience is determined to work hard to be granted their rights. His use of pathos throughout his speech left the audience empowered and determined and the audience responds by applauding and cheering with agreement.

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Ethos is an appeal to ethics, and it is a means of convincing someone of the character or credibility of the persuader. Martin Luther King, Jr. Sand waves are oriented east-west. Patterns of sand buildups are a response to strong north-south currents. Turtle sea grass Thalassia testudinum and various species of a calcareous green alga Halimeda populate the dark areas. Corals are absent. Distance across photo is approximately 2.

B Seismic profile across middle part of The Quicksands Fig. The prominent seismic reflection below the bedrock surface is the Q3 unconformity of Perkins ; Table 5. Comparison of photo in A with direction of seismic line in profile B shows the seismic line paralleled the tidal bars and crossed normal to the sand waves. Sand-wave reflections thus represent true non-distorted images. C Seismic profile across channel bottom west of Halfmoon Shoal Fig. The westernmost sand wave has been smoothed distorted by the ship's change in course. For sand-wave height and bedrock-depth comparison, depth scales in B and C match.

Approximate lateral distance based on boat speed of 4 knots. These reflections replicate those of existing, overlying, geologic surfaces and should not be regarded as representing any subsurface stratigraphic horizon. Latitude and longitude below vertical time lines on both profiles are given in degrees and decimal minutes based on Loran C TDs Time Differences. Hours military time below coordinates serve as navigational correlation points along seismic line. Seismic profile and interpretation show geology across the reef at New Ground Shoal and into Key West Shrimping Grounds, an area of muddy carbonate sediment see Fig.

Rotary core drilled into New Ground Shoal showed underlying Pleistocene corals to be equivalent to those of the Key Largo Limestone of the middle and upper Florida Keys, though the corals were not dated. The fauna of the 8- m -thick Holocene section was similar to that of the Pleistocene and lacked branching corals. The vibracore taken north of the shoal penetrated 8 m of seafloor lime mud and fine carbonate sand lacking corals.

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