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Ask daniele about Camelliae Tea Room. Reviewed August 11, via mobile. Date of visit: August Ask Timetravel about Camelliae Tea Room. Reviewed June 25, via mobile. Ask profprof65 about Camelliae Tea Room.

Read PDF The Accidental Tea Room

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La Vecchia Tramvia. Hotel e Ristorante la Grotta. I was looking to see how Wiktionary would define way to today, and I saw it listed only as a misspelling of way too. What part of speech would you consider the more common, non-error use of "way to" to be? Khemehekis talk , 16 September UTC. Should we really have this definition? I'm not necessarily saying that these kinds of definitions should be excluded, but honestly, can't you use most nouns when trying to convey a colour?

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The list is starting to get pretty long — just look at their edits. I can almost picture shit brown "A dark brownish colour, like that of shit, also called shit brown" , piss yellow "A light yellowish colour, like that of piss, also called piss yellow" and mucus green "A slimy greenish colour, like that of mucus, also called mucus green" making an entrance any day now. The anon who keeps adding these senses also changes their mind constantly when it comes to what nuance they're describing see this.

These contributions have to be some kind of vandalism — I reverted some of their more dubious contributions, but I'm not sure if I'm supposed to add the rest to RFV.

We define you never know what you've got till it's gone as "Good friends, family and acquaintances shouldn't be taken for granted". But why only people? Couldn't it also apply to wealth, health, etc.? Compare the broader definition at you never miss the water till the well runs dry which I just created; that's how I noticed this. Is this really the most common wording of this proverb? I wanted to give the following quotation, but I can scarcely understand whether the specific words are actually kith and kin or kith and kine :.

So what does everybody think hereof? As this is pretty SoP, I find the label "nonstandard" a bit odd. One can say "frightened of water", "fear of water", potentially "water-fearing" etc. I find myself scratching my head here. Tharthan talk , 17 September UTC. Dingo talk , 17 September UTC. I only know a little Estonian, but to my understanding the word is always in this form, as its syntactically a genitive plural of a noun.

My suggestion basically would be to remove the adjective section entirely and add some kind of a note to the noun section that this form is used as a "Soviet" modifier. I don't consider my Estonian to be good enough that I'd be willing to make this change myself though, but I still wanted to inform you of my thoughts on the matter. I suspect the "translation" should be a separate Portuguese entry. We have "colony" listed here for rabbits, rats, seals, and several other animals.

Should it be there? A colony is not a generic collection, but a group living together in a social way. Are these actually separate senses? Mihia talk , 19 September UTC.

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Leaving aside for a moment the fact that definition 2 seems unsatisfactorily vague, is there actually any important difference between the meanings of "have" in "I have a lot of work to do" and "he has a meeting that day"? This definition sounds rather abstruse. Chaucer: "Com neer, my spouse, lat me ba thy cheke! Should there be a page be above in the sense of being the bigger man?

Or should that be be above something? The etymology of this character contains a reference to " Schuessler , apud Pulleyblank ". The page for apud defines it like so:. Substituting the aforementioned reference into the "formula" given produces, " Schuessler apud Pulleyblank means that the original source is Schuessler , but that the author is relying on Pulleyblank for that reference. Is the etymology reference reversed, is the definition for apud reversed, or am I completely misunderstanding something? So couldn't one use sense 2 to communicate sense 3? Tharthan talk , 22 September UTC.

I'd like to know what meaning applies in to no end "without success, or without achieving useful results". Secondly, at end of appears in " 'ge' sound at end of 'mortgage' " or " 'it ' at end of sentence ". Possibly this is because an unadorned o is not supposed to exist in Dutch. The IPA key has no o, only variants of o with part cut out or dots or a slash added.

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The sense development is left unexplained. Italian gamba has the term derived why not inherited? But Gaffiot gives jarret , meaning hough , or, for a digitigrade like a horse, its hock. At Du Cange we find it is the part of the leg between the knee and the foot, which would be the shank — given as the second sense at Italian gamba.

So what did Latin gamba really mean? Which part of mammalian anatomy is implied? Turkish wiktionary has the same transcription, but they were added by the same user. I think it's a mistake, but I don't know for sure. It occurs to me that this can mean two different things. Is this worth making in our entry? The definition here excludes rivers flowing into other rivers or lakes. Experience has taught me to be cautious in entering SoP terms, but in this case "key figure" has two meanings:. Is it entry-worthy? Are the transitive senses "to decrease size or volume by concentration" and "to make more close, compact, or dense" synonymous?

Also, I came to the entry looking for a transitive chemistry sense, but I only see it in a trans-table header. Ultimateria talk , 24 September UTC.

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What do definition editing options do? Notifying Fay Freak , JohnC5 , Benwing2 , Lambiam : I've mentioned here that it's the Infinitive that is the more common and less marked form in comparison to the Past and Future Participle, and unsurprisingly this holds true for every other single Infinitive form - they're the unmarked verbal forms par excellence. I have no special objections to the lemma form being 1P. Besides being more intuitive and avoiding fake forms, they look better next to the Present Infinitive already listed there.

What think you? Oh, and as I also mention in the same edit, the standard Fut.

The Accidental Tea Room by Patricia Flinn

What pronunciation does lit'rally represent? Instead of a term, I'd use a brief explanation of the meaning intended -- Backinstadiums talk , 29 September UTC. What is it then? Slayergames talk , 26 September UTC. Can anyone versed in physics tell me if this word is used in that field? If so, what does it mean? Thank you. I was visiting my friend and generous benefactor, Prof.