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4.2 Pathophysiology

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The scientific rigour remains in the dark but only apparently intertwines with the wide photographic atlas of surgical cases described in the second half of the volume. In the unusual and what could be considered provocative presentation with reference to suggested readings lies the novelty of the description of the topic whereas scientific literature although prolific tends to dishearten the hope of cures which are often presented in a sensational manner.

Anal fistulas cannot be ranked among minor pathologies: too many patients who for years have not found definite solutions and who feel discouraged regardless of new attempts in surgery. The harm done affects both the quality of life and often the harm caused by the loss of employment becomes so great that it surpasses the very physical discomforts of the disease itself.

Nowadays, we are dealing more frequently with the entity of large intestine polyps, as endoscopy and bowel cancer screening programmes are rapidly expanding. Often a single polyp is involved, but more complex situations are also encountered, including the well-defined pattern of polyposis. These situations can fall into a gray area, not only for diagnosis, but also for the correct treatment and follow-up. New developments in pathophysiology and treatment options are leading to new questions. This handbook aims to offer a integrated approach for all physicians doctors who deal with these issues, by presenting up-to-date discussion from genetics through treatment, to implications of genetic counseling.

Pescatori; F. P Regadas; S. Murad Regadas; Zbar, A. Exciting technical advances in US, CT, and MRI over the past decade have greatly enhanced the challenging task of investigating intestinal, pelvic floor, and anorectal function and dysfunction. The goal of Imaging Atlas of the Pelvic Floor and Anorectal Diseases, edited and authored by internationally respected experts in the field, is to clearly and precisely present indications, techniques, limitations, sources of errors, and pitfalls of these imaging modalities.

The concise text expertly describes the abundant, high-quality images that show the normal anorectal anatomy as well as the pathological appearance of the all-too-common large-bowel and pelvic floor functional diseases. Of particular importance is the description of novel dynamic techniques, such as dynamic transperineal US, in assessing pelvic floor functional diseases. Claudio Fucini — thirty years of travels, meetings, adventures of an Italian in the Black continent. Araba Fenice edition.

Claudio Fucini is an example of great sensibility and vivid passion. This book which deals with a very up-to-date theme, is an example of how man and his habitat play a central role in life. Claudio Fucini with his thirty years of travels in this continent has transmitted the charm of this longing for Africa to his readers. From the forewords by John R Nicholls Rectal Prolapse: diagnosis and Clinical Management is a unique publication…it gives a detailed and authoritative statement of the best current practice through a wide-ranging account of all aspects of the condition.

There is no other book on the subject that does so in such depth. From the forewords by Floriano Marchetti and Stanley M Goldberg …Rectal Prolapse: diagnosis and Clinical Management offers a body of information encompassing any aspect of pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment of rectal prolapse. It is a meticulous, exhaustive review of what is established, what is new, and what we should know about rectal prolapse and its treatment…Rarely, if ever, in a textbook have obstructed defecation, intussusception, and rectal prolapse been addressed together in a comprehensive and coordinated fashion in the attempt to understand the interelations that tie these three entities together.

Diarrhoeal illness and anal continence control in functional intestinal disorders idiopathic disorders of intestinal fuction. Once more, Corazzieri has proven to be in the forefront. The four chapters: chronic diarrhoea and diarrhoeic disease, physiopathology, clinical presentation, handling and treatment are dealt with by experts worldwide, resulting in a text which is to studied and consulted not only by gastroenterologists but also by experts in gastroenterological surgery and colon-proctology.

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Longo, J. Morthover Edizione italiana a cura di M. Nano- M.

A novel of intended bewildering simplicity which alternates moments in which we dwell pleasantly upon emotional details and others in which events rapidly proceed. Hard to tell whether introspection prevails, the ecological sentiment, or the reflection on the extenuating rhythms of working life. To Mario Trompetto the wish for success at least even with that obtained in the professional field. Aldo Infantino. Pescatori, C. Bartram e A. Zbar has been published.

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Endorectal, vaginal and dynamic perineal ultrasound may help the clinician to make a better diagnosis when dealing with anorectal functional and organic diseas. This book-atlas offers images showing the importance of ultrasound diagnostics carrried out by a colorectal specialist. Wexner, Andrew P. Zbar and Mario Pescatori has been published.

Draws together preclinical assessment and clinical raccomandations for complex anorectal disorders. The specialties of proctology, gynecology and urology are brought together in one text.

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Delaini has been published. Zabar has been published.

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It has been put together by expert proctologists. A book of great interest written by Santoro and Di Falco, both for neophytes and specialists. The book has been written from a multidisciplinary point of view with the contribution of the experts of the topics dealt with, in the single chapters and in its comments, in the international field. The new Treatise on Stomas by La Torre takes into consideration the scientific, surgical, practical and social themes linked to stomas; it introduces and develops, on principles, the great methodological areas as an introduction to the specific techniques.

Andrea Lauretta andrea. Francesco Selvaggi. Managing Anal Incontinence Description: J Manuel Devesa Pertinax Publishing Professor Devesa collates an internationally renowned group of surgeons and therapists who bring their expertise to the management of anal incontinence.