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Know Thyself: Tapping into Your Spiritual Power

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Kavita Patel. Kavita J. Patel is a Love Coach some call her a Love Intuitive who combines her no-BS style with spiritual teachings to help single women find the love of their life and have fun Margaret Paul, Ph. Kayleigh Roberts. With Esther Perel.

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In order to save this article, you will need to Log In or Sign Up! Email Address Sign up. Using a repeated measures design, a significant difference at the 0. Statements from the open questions supported these results.

20 Questions to Know Yourself Better and Unlock the Immense Potential Within

The open answers indicated that participants felt more peaceful, centred, connected to their inner essence or soul and intuitively guided. The other levels mentioned in this theory, also need to be investigated. The levels involve deepening states of certain qualities of consciousness that are experienced by practitioners as they advance in their journey into the true nature of their consciousness. Although different levels can be identified, the contents of each level are different for each practitioner.

As such, findings from Prayer of the Heart are consistent with the initial levels outlined by Arka [1] in his theory. Armour [22] [23] [24] found that the heart has an intrinsic nervous system of its own which has been characterized as a brain on the heart or heart-brain. He suggests that intuition begins to function at the level of the heart. The heart has also been found to send more signals to the brain than vice versa [25].

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McCraty, Atkinson, and Bradley [26] [27] have found that the heart is involved in the processing and decoding of intuitive information. Using a very clever design, McCraty, Atkinson and Bradley [26] [27] have shown that the heart receives and processes information about an event before the event happens. The heart also appears to receive intuitive information a few seconds before the brain. According to HeartMath, there are four communication pathways between the heart and the brain: neurological, chemical, biophysical, and energetic [6] [28].

Oschman [29] talks of authentic actions and thoughtful actions. In his theory, the first arises from information received directly from the living matrix subconscious, whereas thoughtful action arises from the neurological pathway. Whereas Oschman seems to be talking about how information comes into the system, Ramirez [30] and Arka talk about how we can access information that is beyond our sensory awareness.


However, all of them seem to concur that the human being can access information which does not arrive in the normal way through the senses and the neurological pathway [31]. To help in this task yogis developed methods, which lead to meditation. The methods are in themselves not meditation, but they certainly help give rise to different inner experiences and states which, when coupled with contemplation, not only lead to an awareness of the deeper nature of the Self but also experiencing it [6].

Although the HeartMath Institute has begun researching different aspects of the heart, scientists have yet to discover the nature, role, and importance of this center to us as embodied beings. The oldest well-known heart-based method is called Prayer of the Heart PH was practised in one form or another for thousands of years by many cultures.

Notably, the ancient Egyptians, Jews, Persians, early Christians, Sufis as well as different cultures in the Mediterranean area were versed in it.

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Given the extensive use of Prayer of the Heart in the Mediterranean area, it seems probable that it was also practised by the ancient Greeks. In Delphi, the maxim Know Thyself, which was inscribed on the forecourt temple of Apollo, is a point in favour of this argument. It also seems likely the Pythias, the women who pronounced the oracle at Delphi and the Sibyls prior to them might have been students of this ancient esoteric art. Lindhard [33] points to the multiple meanings of the term virgin Parthenos , which also means pupil. In this sense, the term virgin can be applied to females and males [5].

III, no 3. The Pythias could also have arrived at the trance state, not though mystical union, but through the inhalation of gasses probably ethylene that escaped from the fissures on which the temple was situated [35]. There seems to be some support of this, as, according to Plutarch, who served as a priest at Delphi during the late first century and early second century CE, the Pythias lives were shortened through their service to Apollo.

The power comes from the gods and demigods The claim that the Pythias might have spoken in a drugged frenzy which then needed interpreting by the male priests, does not seem to be supported by most ancient sources which reveal that the Pythias spoke intelligibly and gave prophecies in their own voices [37] [38]. Putting together the evidence seems to suggest that some of the Pythias might have been mystics in their own right and spoke using their own voice, whereas others were not so proficient, and their trance might have been drug-induced.

This too can also be seen as applying not only to demi-gods but people who are connected to their souls and who then lose this connection because of unresolved emotional habits or because of the temptations of material life. Our whole life can be seen as an adventure in discovering and reconnecting with our Self or soul again [39].