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At first, she was concerned for Cinder, until she noticed Cinder's Grimm arm and gasped. Cinder's Maiden eyes flared up, and the woman was never seen again. By the time Cinder went to town, she wore the woman's clothes and held a bag full of Lien, implying she killed the woman to take her wardrobe and possessions.

The Ramen Shop Owner is a disgruntled worker who Qrow meets while trying to look for Huntsmen to help him out. He appears to have a sour history with a Huntsman named Shiro Wan, as Shiro asked the owner if he could borrow 16, Lien from him and has not paid him back yet. The owner has a hobby of wood carving whenever he is not too busy. He also appears to be racist towards Faunus , having a "No Faunus" sign outside of his shop.

He threatens Qrow with a knife upon learning he is looking for Shiro, but is surprised when Qrow returns and pays Shiro's debt. He is last seen muttering, "That idiot," upon realizing something must have happened to Shiro. She first appears in " Lost ", when she approaches a memorial statue of Pyrrha while Jaune stands in front of it.

The two have a heartfelt conversation about Pyrrha before the woman mysteriously vanishes, leaving her bouquet of red lilies near the statue. Shiro Wan was a Hunstman from the Kingdom of Mistral. He is an old friend of Qrow's. At some point, he came to owe the Ramen Shop Owner 16, Lien, but he did not pay him back. When Qrow goes to enlist Shiro's help, he is nowhere to be found; Shiro has been registered on a search and destroy mission for five weeks. It's later revealed that Shiro was among the numerous Huntsmen and Huntresses killed by Tyrian and Hazel, as Lionheart had given their locations to Salem.

Amaranth was resident of Gossan who eventually fled to Feldspar with her infant, Ash. She is interviewed by Velvet Scarlatina and Yatsuhashi Daichi about the "mood bombs" affecting the populace. When Feldspar is invaded by Grimm, they is saved by Yatsuhashi. Bast , short for Alabaster , was a resident of Tuff , who moved to Gossan , then Schist , then Feldspar after Grimm attacks helped destroyed each settlement in turn.

Beryl was a weaver whose home and business had both been destroyed by other nomads as a result of a "mood bomb.

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Celestine was a schoolteacher in Schist , who later moved to Feldspar. She was afraid to return to work after a "mood bomb" caused a violent argument in her classroom. Copper was a member of the Kentye tribe in Vacuo. After the death of Fox Alistair 's parents in a sinkhole, Copper helped to raise Fox, despite not being much older than the boy himself. Fox called him "uncle" as a result. Copper was killed by a man who wanted what little property Copper owned and the man was subsequently killed by the rest of the tribe afterward.

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The tribe helped to raise Fox afterward. Hans is a child from a village in Vacuo , whose tribe eventually ended up in Feldspar. When Slate arrives there, she instructs Hans and the other two children playing nearby to take the mole crab meat she brought with her to the mess and to ration it, allowing each child to set aside an extra portion for themselves. Opal and Jasper are two nomads who were forced to marry in secret because a large gathering of people could have been a catalyst for a "mood bomb" that had been affecting the populace of Feldspar.

Rumpole is a professor at Shade Academy. Topaz is a Faunus waitress in Feldspar , whose animal trait is a pig snout. Minor characters in Vale who have appeared in the series, including members of the Vale Police Department as well as the Vale News Network. Artwork by Patrick Rodriguez. The Achieve Men is presumably a boy band in Remnant. The group is an Easter Egg directly referring to the Rooster Teeth gamer group Achievement Hunter , going as far as to have a poster based on a promotional picture of the real Achievement Hunters.

The group has yet to make an actual appearance in the show, and the in-world names of its members are currently unknown. The Councilmen are high-ranking government officials, presumably representatives of the ruling council of the Kingdom of Vale. In " Breach ", following the destructive Grimm outbreak in Vale , the councilmen express their doubt in Ozpin's ability to provide sufficient security to the upcoming Vytal Festival, and they transfer this responsibility to General James Ironwood , of the visiting Atlesian contingent.

They also warn Ozpin that his continuing position as headmaster of Beacon Academy has been called into question. The councilman with a speaking role was voiced by Gray G. After Qrow leaves, he accidentally knocks over a glass and says to himself dejectedly, "Aww, gee darn it.

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The Bartender shares a distinctive mustache with his voice actor. She takes the appearance of a young woman in a uniform, with dark hair tied into a bun and dark blue eyes.

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Cyril Ian is a news reporter for Vale News Network. In " Ruby Rose ", he is heard reporting the case of "nefarious criminal Roman Torchwick ", advising viewers to contact authorities if seen. Miles Luna and Kerry Shawcross intentionally made Cyril's name sound like " cerulean ", in order to fit the color naming rule. A pair of Detectives working for the Vale Police Department are seen in " The Stray ", investigating the most recent in a series of Dust store robberies. One of them hypothesizes that the White Fang are behind the robberies, the other simply replies that they aren't paid enough.

The pair later confronts Sun Wukong , who is seen hanging from a lamppost. Despite their efforts, he deftly evades their attempts to apprehend him. The duo is voiced by Burnie Burns and Joel Heyman. They share their personality, appearance and voice actors with a pair of similar characters in Rooster Teeth Shorts. They also share certain mannerisms, such as nonchalantly waving firearms around. A family of six from the village of Lower Cairn outside Vale. Lower Cairn was destroyed by Grimm, but the six managed to escape.

The family consisted of Linus, the father, Rhea, the mother and their four children - a son named Leander and their daughters, Phoebe, Helen and Clio. They hid in an underground cave and were eventually discovered by Team CFVY , who were searching for survivors. Coco Adel enters the cave while the rest of the team looks to find or make another exit. Linus is pinned to the ground by a Death Stalker 's stinger, but is saved by Yatsuhashi Daichi.

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Coco dispatches the Death Stalker with Gianduja. The Ursa is killed by Velvet Scarlatina before it kill Rhea, who flees back into the cave with the five children. All five are killed when a Goliath collapses the cave completely. Yang helps her out on her farm while she was recovering from her injuries from the Fall of Beacon. Spruce Willis is likely a movie actor or director in Remnant.

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His name is a play on words with "Spruce", a tree from the Pinaceae family that gives its name to a particular a tone of green, and real-world actor Bruce Willis , who is known for his action movies. She chose to attend Atlas Academy afterward. Velvet uses a copy of her weapon with Anesidora to aide in her descent to the Emerald Forest during her Beacon Academy initiation.

The weapon, a pair of arm-mounted grappling hooks, allowed Velvet to swing between several trees to slow her momentum. Various reporters are heard in "Of Runaways and Stowaways" while Yang browses various news channels. His Faunus trait is a set of horns on his head. He lives in a village located on the continent of Anima , though outside the Kingdom of Mistral.

As payment for defeating a Geist that was attacking his village, the blacksmith agreed to forge Jaune a new set of armor and upgrade his weapon, Crocea Mors. He may also have performed the recent upgrade to Nora Valkyrie's weapon Magnhild. He asks Team RNJR if they want to stay, claiming that they have been good to the village, but they decline as they move on to Haven Academy.

The blacksmith was voiced by Chris Guerrero. He had fatal wounds on his torso. According to him, Shion was attacked by bandits and the panic that ensued attracted creatures of Grimm. He dies soon after. It is later revealed in "Family" that Raven Branwen may have directly or indirectly caused his death as she led the bandit attack. He had spiky, light-brown hair and hazel eyes. He wore a short-sleeved gray and black jacket with yellow trim, underneath a chestplate with large, dark gray, sturdy straps.

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He had gray gloves with metal backings and multiple layers that extended up past his elbows, and black pants with white sleeves and black boots. His weapon appeared to be a white and gray gun of some sort with a scope. This waitress works at a tavern in the village Higanbana. She is seen serving a drink to Qrow from a woman with red eyes and gives him a bit of playful flirting.

Later, she is shown trembling at the sight of Raven Branwen leaving through a portal. In " Menagerie ", she is seen cleaning the tavern's floor before being startled when Tyrian Callows approaches her and asks if she can help him find someone. The waitress is voiced by Kim Newman. The Bartender at Just Rite , a fuel station with a bar, meets Yang on her journey.

He grants her free water after she punches out Shay D. Mann and then tries to caution her against getting involved with the local bandits. The mayor is the leader or representative of a village located on the continent of Anima, though outside the Kingdom of Mistral.

As payment, he arranged for Jaune to receive a new set of armor from the village Blacksmith. He has gray hair and appears to be quite old. He wears red robes accented with gold, a necklace of green prayer beads around his neck and a golden ornamental hairpiece. One day, they all noticed a young, dirty Nora Valkyrie clutching a loaf of bread.

They at first mocked her for being a thief, then as a trash-picker when they realized that the bread is moldy.