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May 15, Kinsearching -Obituary of B. April 17, Kinsearching -Review of War of Research. January 17, Kinsearching -Obituary of Daniel L. January 10, Kinsearching -John B. October 4, Kinsearching -Review of Evernote. April 19, Kinsearching -Spicer and Hamlin family data in Iowa and Illinois newspapers, s -Translation of some French surnames. April 12, Kinsearching - Hamlin and related families data in Iowa and Illinois newspapers, s. April 5, Kinsearching -Miscellaneous items from Illinois newspaper, February 1, Kinsearching -Godfrey and Replogle family clippings from Iowa newspapers.

June 29, Kinsearching -Review of FamilySearch. April 6, Kinsearching -Review of Court Records. December 1, Kinsearching -Review of Ancestry.

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Volume 1: Ex-Slaves with Virginia Origins. October 14, Kinsearching -More selected names from religious publication, September 23, Kinsearching -More selected names from religious publication, August 26, Kinsearching -More selected names from religious publication, August 19, Kinsearching -More selected names from religious publication, August 12, Kinsearching -Article about planter migration to Florida -Selected items from religious publication, August 5, Kinsearching -Names of presidents and deceased persons listed in Texas Bar Association Proceedings , July 22, Kinsearching -Review of U.

Federal Census Records.

April 1, Kinsearching -Release of U. January 22, Kinsearching -National Genealogical Society annual conference, Cincinnati, Ohio, May , -Article containing data about people in Colorado with Georgia connections. December 27, Kinsearching -Conclusion of death dates for Texas lawyers, s - early s. December 20, Kinsearching -More death dates for Texas lawyers, s - early s. November 1, Kinsearching -Celebrations in November -Death dates for Texas lawyers, s - early s.

May 3, Kinsearching -Article concerning U. January 18, Kinsearching -Selected items from Comanche Co. December 7, Kinsearching -More from the roster of deaths of members of Texas State Medical Association, - I have been unable to find out anything at all about the family apart from the above. My DNA shows matches to the Orkney islands but extensive research has yet to find anyone directly connected to my Robertson family. From: Barney Mattingly e-mail: barney. Anybody with a copy.

From: Peter e-mail: pdweinberg1 gmail. Does anyone have any photographs of these camps? I am writing my grandfather's story, and want to get an idea of what the camps looked like, and any other information anyone might have about life in the camps. Please send copies to above address. Thank you so much for your help! From: Graham Bendell e-mail: fgbendell gmail. From: J E Boet Coetzee e-mail: boet. I have not been able to find any information on the Youth Brigade and what it did.

Any information welcome From: Piet Heyns e-mail: heynsp mweb. I visited the site and took photographs of the remaining structures, but I would like to know more about the type of radar equipment they used COL? Any information would be appreciated. From: Sharon Angus e-mail: sangus vodamail.

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Can anyone help please? For research purposes. From: Gary Bartlett e-mail: garyjohnbartlett gmail. He then served in the National Scouts from Jan - Wars end. Part of the history of Waldons Scouts will be a small bio for each of the 30 odd Scouts. Ancestry, and similar sites, show some possibles, including the s Settler - Sansom family per your Military History Journal "Sansoms Horse" Dec and some other Sansom families in the UK and elsewhere, which up following up, but nothing definite. Waldons Scouts has been an interesting research project, my first of this nature, and probably a story representative of these small, specific purpose units.

Warrnambool, Victoria , Australia. From: Elaine Woodbridge e-mail: mwoozenberg gmail. I would be grateful if anyone related to one of the men on the above list could email me on mwoozenberg gmail. John Christopher St. George, born 23 December , who died of wounds in France, on 15 October , and was awarded the Military Medal.

Historical Manuscript Collections: by Subject

Looking for information on his pre-war history. He may have served with the Natal Mounted Rifles. Richard Theophilus St. George, born 4 February Again, I am looking for information on his pre-war history, but also his war service - unconfirmed reports that he was twice wounded and may have served as an intelligence officer.

From: Anton e-mail: porzig iinet. While of no commercial value they have a sentimental value to family members. If the medals still exist I am hoping they have been offered to a shop dealing in war memorabilia who would have bought them in good faith. In asking you to publicise these medals I am hoping that someone interested in SA military history would look out for them and if we are lucky might already have seen them.

Obviously our family is very keen to regain them. From: John e-mail: caulkheader icloud. I have obtained his obituary. Later he was offered and accepted the Bandmastership of the Rhodesia Horse, which had its headquarters in Bulawayo, being seconded for six months from the Imperial Army to complete his term of service.

In this capacity he served for six and a half years, and on one occasion was in charge of the band when they marched as an armed party through a hostile country, to Salisbury and back a distance of miles. On another occasion he had to take his band across the veldt to Gwelo and back, some miles, this being in the days before the railways. At the funeral of Mr.

Cecil Rhodes he was charged with the duty of superintending all the musical arrangements from Bulawayo to the burial place at Matoppo. At the public rejoicings on the occasion of the accession and coronation of King Edward V11 it was still his duty to conduct the music, and he was musical director of the religious services at the Empire Music Hall, Bulawayo, for several months, whilst a permanent church was being built.

History for Genealogists

On the outbreak of the South African War the inhabitants of Bulawayo successfully petitioned the Government not to send their band to the front, owing to the fact that the black population outnumbered the whites by about eighty five to one. The numbers of the town band were placed on duty in the trenches to guard the town, and in the evening they were relieved and played selections of music in the Square under the conductorship of Mr Scott, in order to keep up the spirits of the population. In return for the services then rendered the inhabitants presented Mr.

I would like to find out more about his service with the Rhodesia Horse. If anybody is passing I would be very grateful. Would anyone on your site have more information on the life of this man? From: John Seim e-mail: seimjohn1 gmail. I have been battling to find memoirs of the commander of the transport division, or any census data of the black people who accompanied the Pioneer column.

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I want to find out if anyone has met this name anywhere in their reading. I am looking for all the information I can get on Couper's role in the Gun War of Any help, even if it is only a reference to an archive or records will be much appreciated. If anyone can please assist me please get in touch urgently as I need to conclude my writing on this topic over the Christmas holidays this year. She was based in Cape Town and Simonstown between and Neville Hamilton was either from or trained as a pilot in Bulawayo in the early s and flew in the SAAF towards the last couple of years of the war.

He flew in Italy and possibly Egypt.


The squadron disbanded but I believe when the squadron was reformed in at Ysterplaat Neville Hamilton taught there as an instructor possibly until is disbanded in Any information would be greatly appreciated. My email address is patch iburst. We had a memorial needle for our fallen. I am trying to locate it and would like to know what happened to it after He has already added Bn and Bn fallen to the list.

He had sailed to South Africa in and had a family in Port Elizabeth after having worked in Kimberley and on some goldfields. F the rank of Sapper. I am searching for information on this unit, a description of the battalion? Where this gentleman may have been deployed specifically, where he might have seen action? Taken prisoner at Tobruk and looking at the notes given by R.

Halse he was in the Lucca Camp PG60 camp at the same time and he mentioned it was pretty grim but thanks to the information I can now appreciate what he went through. Most in the Camp were helped by a priest Don Pietro Salari but dad went it alone for the majority of the journey and I have found so far eight [people] from the camp out of a total of fifty approx'.

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  • I post on WW2 Talk so there is more information on there which is still developing and I feel there may have been a South African officer in there? Dad was interned in Adelboden so if there are any veterans still about it would be nice to here from them and he was in the Hotel Alpenruh and was apparently in charge of it, as some small hotels were just turned over to the escaping prisoners. From: Tim Brown e-mail: goalieboy82 yahoo. If anyone has any info, pics, stories etc pertaining to this squadron or any of its crew members I would really appreciate hearing from them.

    A big Thank You to those that have made already responded and contributed much valued material. Date posted: 4 July Does anyone have a copy of : Das wurttemberg kaapsche regiment. Hoping for some Genealogy research help! From: Dave Curry e-mail: dave. The first photo marked Ladysmith has 'Jones Photographer Ladysmith' stamped on the back. I lost his e-mail in a thunderstorm.